August 16, 2018

Get Learning With Me

Do you know what I really miss from the Internet of yester-yore? Blogs that read as part diary, part monologue- a daily recap, thoughts on a new book, trepidation about a new class or job. It's been a second since I've read a blog that was personal, entertaining, and also a smidge informational. Also, how many more sentences with running lists can I fit in this opening? I miss my own private corner of the Internet and interacting with comments that weren't worried about creating backlinks.

So in an attempt to smush all of my interests into one place, I've decided to start a series called Get Learning With Me. It's basically me writing down my learnings and thought process as I read through my list of books that I've wanted to dive into. Part of my motivation is to be able to learn the material at a deeper level- hopefully the act of writing about a topic will help cement the neural connections in my brain. I'm a bit of a forgetter, so this is the best approach I've thought of without having to resort to flashcards and rote memorization. Also, I hope that by writing about a subject matter will invite comments and corrections from people who know more about me on the subject, and I will gain more than I would have by studying on my own.

The first book I've decided to tackle is Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment by Stevens and Rago. (Also, please don't hate me for using an affiliate link. It's one of the small joys in running something on the Internet to see that people are interacting with your content and somehow getting coffee money for it?) I've previously worked through the first couple chapters of this text and found it immensely dense in learnings without being verbose, which is what I am being here. I'll add code snippets here and there if you just want to skim through. But it will definitely be way too conversational and distracted. I might mention music recommendations. I might go all in what I had for dinner. But also, I will dive into system calls and understanding memory management. Feel free to chime in. :)

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